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Discovering Healthy Places for a Healthy Lifestyle in NWA: Chickadee’s Fresh Fare


Chickadee’s Fresh Fare is a breath of fresh air in Siloam Springs, AR.   Their focus is on fresh and fun and the menu is bursting with deliciously “real” foods.  With a motto of Eat Well – Feel Well,  you can tell their goal is to enhance the quality of life in our community.   They really care about offering the chance for local residents to taste for themselves that eating well can be a treat for the taste buds.  It is the very first of its kind in our small, local town to have foods like quinoa, açaí, pitaya and kombucha available. Owners Stephanie and Bryan Truitt have truly brought an innovative and new taste into town.   Bryan works more behind the scenes, being instrumental in the development of the business and has a major part in developing the menu.  He supports Stephanie 100%   Stephanie is the public face of Chickadee’s Fresh Fare and is really hands on. You can find her there almost everyday; behind the counter, in the kitchen, running the smoker and serving her many customers.  Or she may be out gathering some local, seasonal ingredients for a special dish.

When asked about how they contribute to a healthy lifestyle  Stephanie responded:

We created the concept of Chickadee’s Fresh Fare to offer our community fresh, tasty and healthy options for everyone…from the vegan to the ‘meatatarian’.  Offering something new for lunch options such as our Southwest bowl with fresh roasted chicken, smoothies with NO added sugars, or an acai bowl for a tasty and nutritious treat.  Fresh and home-made ingredients is our ultimate goal, with great flavor in mind.

501 South Mt Olive, Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Open from 7:30 am  – 3:00, pm, Monday – Friday and 9 am – 3 pm on Saturday, Chickadee’s Fresh Fare serves breakfast and lunch.  The full menu is available during all hours of operation.   Smoothies, wraps and burritos, toasts, salads,  energy bowls and more.  Meat is smoked right out back behind the kitchen year round.  Some fresh herbs are grown there as well.  Several specialty options are available including gluten-free and vegan.  With a consistent but varied menu along with fresh and local ingredients in season when available, there is a wide selection to choose from.  Beer and wine are also offered.  And you simply must try their amazing and unique flight of mimosas.

Ordering is easy from the large and easy to read menu.  Then just take a number, find a seat and your food will be brought out to you with a smile.  All of the staff are so friendly and helpful.

beautiful natural lighting

The ambiance is very welcoming with charming and quaint decor.  There is a variety of seating options whether you’re dropping in to grab a bite by yourself or meeting up with some friends;  there are several table sizes to choose from, booths or plenty of seating at the bar.  Large windows provide lots of bright and cheery light.  You can see how much  thought, quality  and care went into transforming a rather plain space into Chickadee’s Fresh Fare, both inside and out.

the bar has plenty of outlets for using your electronic devices

There is plenty of outdoor space as well, either on the back patio or at the outdoor bar in front.  What could be better than enjoying such delicious and fresh food out in the open air?!!

the back patio is a great place to take in some fresh air

Just look at some of the fresh and tasty dishes that are available.   I can personally recommend the breakfast burrito combo.  Everything looks so good, it’s hard to settle on just one choice!

super tasty breakfast burrito combo
wraps, salads and smoothies
energy bowls and sandwiches

Living in a small, rural area, we haven’t had the benefit of variety that some of the bigger towns and cities have.  I am thrilled to find such a wonderful place that offers such high quality and healthy options so close to home. If you live in Siloam Springs, AR or are just passing through, take the time and stop at Chickadee’s Fresh Fare.  You’ll be glad you did.

You can learn more about what they have to offer by checking out their website at www.chickadeesfresh.com

I’ve been having a great time exploring the healthy options in my area this summer!  I’m sure there are places near you that can enhance your wellbeing.   Get out there and find some of them!!