Home Health BREAKING News: Zimbabwe prophet Walter Magaya announces HIV/AIDS, Cancer cure…AGUMA tree

BREAKING News: Zimbabwe prophet Walter Magaya announces HIV/AIDS, Cancer cure…AGUMA tree


Aretha-Aguma: Magaya of PHD church “discovers” HIV-AIDS-Cancer medicine

Charismatic Zimbabwean preacher and prophet Walter Magaya announced today during a church service that he has found the cure for HIV/Aids and Cancer.

PHD church founder,Walter Magaya, known to followers as a prophet of God, told a congregation of his Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries(PHD) that he had made the discovery two years ago – but had waited “because I wanted it to be chemically proven, scientifically proven”.

“God has given me a revelation, we tested it and it’s perfect. God showed me a certain tree and certain people. We have found the cure for HIV and Aids,” Magaya announced to an ecstatic church.

The service was watched by millions on TV and the internet.

Magaya said he was prepared for the Zimbabwe government, through the Health Ministry, to scientifically test his HIV cure.

The cure, he announced, was developed from a plant called Aguma which is found in Zimbabwe. This was mixed with a different herb from Mozambique.

With the help of Indian partners, with whom he has formed a company, Aretha Medical, Magaya said they had developed the cure to be administered on patients in the form of tablets and capsules. The medicine is kept in powder form.

“Right now, my team is working on dosages for the different strains of HIV,” he said.

Following the church service, Magaya addressed a news conference where he gave more information on his find.

“The company name is called Aretha, which means ‘vicious’. Our medicine is vicious, our discovery is vicious,” he said.

“It has been my dream to help believers and non-believers. I have been hiding this secret after I found it two years ago because I wanted it to be chemically proven, scientifically proven.

“My main concern was finding a cure for HIV and cancer. Components of our plant starves cancer cells. Chemicals in Aguma are enough to make your immune system strong so that it can fight any foreign invasion.

“I know the world will dismiss it, but they will eventually agree. I’ve tested it fully on human beings and a lot of these human beings have gone negative. At this stage, we’re 100 percent organic because we find that there’s no side effect. We’re mixing plants from here in Zimbabwe another one from Mozambique.

“The government is free to summon our own research board and test this medicine for themselves. As for me, I’ve my own testimonies but people will listen to a minister rather than a mere prophet.”

Magaya said they had made effort to get legal protection for their find.

“I was offered $56 million by an American company for me to point them to the tree. We are the first people to discover this plant, so we have intellectual rights. This plant is not in any botanic records,” he claimed.

HIV was “an African problem which was waiting for an African solution”, he said. Two thirds of the world’s HIV positive people are in Africa.

The preacher said he had secured a clinical licence and was building a laboratory, “which could be the biggest in Africa.”

He intends to donate 29,000 tablets to people living with HIV in Hurungwe district, his birth place.

BREAKING News: Zimbabwe prophet Walter Magaya announces HIV/AIDS, Cancer cure…AGUMA tree